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Welcome to my webshop!

Thanks for visiting my webshop! My name is Andrew and I live in Amsterdam with my family. I’ve always loved jigsaw puzzles; I think all of us did as a kid but as we get older we think of it as a guilty pleasure or something a bit geeky.

Nevertheless I didn’t stop puzzling and still find it a great way to relax, have some quiet time, ‘switch off’ and stop looking at screens all day. 

During lockdown in 2020 I noticed that lots of people around me were puzzling: I discovered friends that secretly shared the same love but now finally came out of the puzzle closet! When I was looking for new jigsaws, I always came across the same old landscapes, animals (what's with all the kittens) or still life-pictures. I wanted iconic, original, arty and exciting images – and I couldn’t find what I wanted on one central website, with easy shipping to the Netherlands. 

I struggled to find puzzles that met the standards important to me: Sustainably made, ecologically friendly, and low on packaging.

So here we are, I decided to create it myself: Puzzle Planet – one website where European puzzlers can find all the best, unique and most exciting puzzles. A place where you can buy the jigsaws you love and which also love the planet!

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